I believe we need to share loving energy as much as possible, both giving and receiving, so a balance is achieved. We can achieve so much if we are prepared to love and care for others. I love being able to help people, to see them glowing with good health and well-being is just the best feeling in the world. We need to love and honour each other to counteract the negativity and fear that abounds in the world. Love is the best Healer.

Sharing the love is as simple as smiling at someone, giving a hug, lending a helping hand or a kind word. SIMPLE! There are so many people doing wonderful things for friends, and strangers, spreading the love because of the type of people they are. They are appreciated for caring about their fellow human beings and filling the world with loving, caring and generosity, it is in our nature to be kind and caring to others and the more love we share, the better place the world will be.

Sometimes disease has a spiritual purpose, enabling us to see where we are out of balance, and allowing us to grow in understanding ourselves.

Because Intuitive Healing/Massage works on all levels, it offers lasting improvements when we are seeking a more harmonious lifestyle for the world in which we live.

It renews the energy levels, uplifts the spirits and calms the mind. The best thing you can do for yourself and your loved ones is to do what you love to do and be the best you can be. Spend a moment each day loving yourself and who you are and what you have already achieved in this lifetime. Be grateful for that which you have already experienced and for the knowledge you have gained. Life is yours to live the way you choose.