Courses & Workshops

Helene’s Spiritual Awareness group

This course will be run over the course of 6 weeks for 2 hours per week, cost yet to be confirmed. This course is for beginners to the more learned.

Aim: To enable participants to recognise their own ability and discover their truth.

Objectives: To uncover knowledge of own gifts and how best to use these gifts to help others.

We will be working with loving intention to access our highest good from Source.

Helene’s Joy Healing

This will be run as a one day workshop a week or two after the above course has been completed.

Joy Healing is my own unique style of healing incorporating intuitive and spiritual energies combined with the knowledge and wisdom of the universe.

We connect with our spirit guides to receive healing with love and light so we can feel balanced and in tune with our lives.

We are then able to share our improved state of being with our friends and family.

Aim: To cement the learning of the above course and enable participants to use their healing abilities to help themselves and others.

Expressions of interest are invited, I have courses running throughout the year.