I would like to encourage anyone who is stressed, feels out of balance or unsure of their direction to come and experience a relaxing and revitalising session with me.

I offer a safe, warm and nurturing environment for you to relax and rejuvenate. This includes soft music, essential oils if desired, and combines assistance through colour therapy.

I trained in Holistic Massage Therapy, and draw on my extensive experience in related fields, including Nutritional Science, Reiki, Toning, Pulsing, Energy Healing and Chakra Balancing.

I am available to assist you in finding the balance and happiness you deserve, with caring and confidentiality.

Massage therapy

Intuitive Massage offers pain relief by finding and treating stressed areas of your body. It also goes beyond the physical benefits to improve your mental, emotional and spiritual well -being.

Since the beginning of time we have used stroking and rubbing as a means of healing for ourselves and others. Touch is so important for giving and receiving comfort and love. It helps to ease tensions and simply helps us to feel better about ourselves. Intuitive massage finds and treats stressed areas of the body needing balancing, so you can regain a sense of general well- being.

Physically it engages the soft tissues to a depth that increases circulation and promotes healing and the realignment of muscle fibres and body posture. Being Holistic, Intuitive Massage also goes beyond the physical benefits into the mental, emotional and spiritual parts of our being.

Fully clothed options available.

Intuitive healing involves the use of intuition to guide us in the sharing of universal energy to give the most beneficial healing and balancing of chakras, restoring them to their correct function and bringing in to line the rewarding feeling of being filled with the pure white light of the universe. A truly uplifting experience to improve your general well being.

Warm coverings are used to cover you during these sessions.

Healing Massage incorporates massage and the universal healing energy in one session. The benefits are that you are receiving the balancing and energy lift of the energy as well as the physical (hands on skin) massage for relaxation and to relieve muscle tension and /or pain.

You can be assured of privacy and confidentiality at all times, in a safe and comfortable environment.

Intuitive healing

Healing is a modality that we all use in our everyday lives simply by caring about or sharing love with another person, whether someone close or a complete stranger.

I introduce myself as an intuitive healer because I use the universal energy of love and light to bring balance and harmony into people’s lives, helping them to feel that they are in control of their lives.

The knowledge that we have in this lifetime is huge, we have so much learning to draw on and to use. We use the energy to locate the places in the aura and the body that may not be balanced or functioning correctly and may be blocking you from being able to live your life to the best of your ability. You are the one in control of your destiny, the best place for you is right here, right now. You are the only person who can decide to make changes to your life and enhance it, or make it worse, by the choices you make.

Experience the feeling of love and wellness that the universal energy healing brings, providing you with the building blocks to re-create your life the way you want it to be.

Joy healing

Joy Healing is my own unique style of healing incorporating intuitive and spiritual energies combined with the knowledge and wisdom of the universe.

We connect with our spirit guides to receive healing with love and light so we can feel balanced and in tune with our lives.

We are then able to share our improved state of being with our friends and family.

See our courses and workshops page for more information.

Distance healing

Sometimes we have friends or family who need healing but live in a different location. It is possible to send healing energy, to those who are agreeable to receiving it, whether for everyday ailments, stress, grief, or more major occurrences and illnesses in life.


I have had the greatest pleasure helping babies to be more settled, to their family’s relief. I enjoy working with children of all ages, whether with injuries/pain, pre and/or post operations, re-balancing after traumatic events, helping regain confidence in themselves or balance in their lives. Children actually respond very well to joy energy healing treatments. See Testimonials.

Laughter Yoga

I believe in the power of laughter for healing. The endorphins, or happy chemicals, we produce help relieve stress, pain, depression, strengthen the immune system, lower the blood pressure and more besides. There have been many scientific and medical studies proving the health benefits of laughter. By adding yoga breathing exercises to laughter exercises, Dr Kataria has given us the opportunity to improve our health and well being through initiating playful laughter in groups. Now there are thousands of laughter yoga clubs worldwide. The added benefits of laughing spontaneously, rather than watching funny movies or jokes, is that it can happen anywhere, anytime, with anyone who is prepared to share the joy laughter brings. The brain and body doesn’t differentiate between real and simulated laughter, so initiating playful or creative laughter can activate the body’s feel good chemicals and lead to better health physically, mentally and emotionally.

Unconditional laughter that is deep and sustained, and practiced regularly, is guaranteed to benefit our health. Deep, sustained laughter forces stale air out of the lungs, and by breathing more deeply we increase the oxygen level in the blood, improve circulation, help muscle relaxation & the release of certain hormones in the body. Strengthening the immune system helps us feel more energetic and healthy. With laughter yoga exercises we can use our complete breathing capacity without doing physical workout or activities - great for those with a more sedentary lifestyle. Your own health and well being is important, so you can be in control of your level of exertion, go at your own pace and not force or overdo exercises.

If you make the commitment to laugh in a group, you will be improving your health, helping others to laugh more easily as laughter is contagious, and maybe make new friends along the way. I hope you will choose to join us in a laughter club session soon, and improve your health and increase your joy.

Who will benefit?

Intuitive Healing/Massage is beneficial for people of any age, size and gender.

I especially love working with children, teenagers and babies. They are so receptive and gain so much from healing sessions, whether it is from traumatic beginnings, being aware of a presence etc, or wondering how they fit in, or what direction to head in. Often they need help with self confidence and self worth, it’s great to witness the changes and growth.

I have also worked with people who have been diagnosed with cancer, at various stages of operations and chemo treatments, most of whom are still living life to the fullest. We also had the pleasure of shrinking a benign tumour and restoring health and wellbeing to another person.

Survivors of strokes have benefitted from treatments and have improved mobility.